Well... sorry for not posting in... literally forever.  Okay, not Forever but still quite a while.  So let this three in one post satisfy your anger at me. :P

Let The Belts Be Loosened!

(NOTE:  This was intended for Thanksgiving day, but I didn't post it then.)
An odd title, I know.  Still, a fun one, eh?  Thanksgiving was, in all certainty, awesome... and very, very, VERY stuffed.  Turkey and cranberry sauce and orange juice and turkey and mashed-potatoes and turkey and ice cream and turkey and turkey... something tells me I've said turkey before though...

Anyway, it was a good day.  But we can't forget about actually giving thanks.


Guess what?  Two days ago at 4:07 PM 11/27/2012 I finished NANOWRIMO with 60,072 words.  SIXTY-THOUSAND SEVENTY-TWO WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

That's 15,000 more words than my other novel, The Traitor's Tale.  Longest novel I have ever written (part in account because I only wrote one other).  Okay... 60,000 isn't as long as some published novels (100,000 give or take several thousand is the usual).  However, I haven't even finished it.  This is a paradox (word is compliments to yesterday's vocabulary) because while I finished NaNoWriMo, I only finished the Word Count not the actual novel.  Anyway,
that's my bright and shiny new badge!  :D  'Tis awesome, ain't it?  Well, you might not think so, but after writing 60,000 words, you'd agree with me.  Plus I've got the starts of a novel.  Yup... the starts of a novel.

I've got to finish it before May, else they won't give me five free copies of my book through CreateSpace (amazon).  I've been wanting to see the quality of their books anyway, so why not see it for free?  But that means I have to finish Vengeance's Blade, edit it, hopefully put the last touches on, and then get it printed.  But, that's going to be hard, especially with school renewed (I only had to do the basics, as I was doing a lot of writing) and Christmas coming.

So... I better go write now... but I better go write now, and I better go right now.


The Kid Author.
Okay, sorry, I didn't make the last post very clear.  NaNoWriMo starts on November 1st every year, and ends at November 30 11:59.  Here's the website: http://www.nanowrimo.org/  And the Young Writer's Website:  http://ywp.nanowrimo.org/

So, unfortunately, it's too late it join, since the end is in seven days.

SEVEN DAYS!!  MACARONI!!! (random exclamation, can't have to many)  However, I have not much to fear, I'm ahead of what I MUST have, still not much.

Well, I must finish my word goal for today, and 'tis getting closer to nightfall, so I must depart once more, this time in a flash of dust.  (Hope ya' ain't allergic, if it be so, take cover!)

Farewell!  *POOF!*

The Kid Author was here 11-23-2012
Upon request I'll repeat what NaNoWriMo is (sorry for the delay).

NaNoWriMo stands for Nation Novel Writing Month, in which you write a 50,000 word novel in a month.  If you are younger than 17 you can participate in the young writer's program, where you can set your own word count.  If older than 13, you may in the regular NaNoWriMo which you write a set goal of 50,000.  I think I have everything there.

Okay, update on my NaNo novel.  I've got 47,100+ words, and I hope to jack it up to maybe even 50,000, but as I am doing the Young Writer's Program, I have set my goal to even higher, 60,000.  A challenge indeed, but a challenge I have excepted full-heatedly and  shall not loose.


The Kid Author

P.S.  Writing tips coming later today/early tomorrow.
I've have some amazing  news.  No, I didn't finish my novel yet, but I'm only 20,000 words away!  Okay, that might not sound like I'm very close, but I have 40,000 words already written, so that's good.  I wrote 5,000 words yesterday to get to 40,000, so now I'm ahead, but I'm going to be plugging forward so that I don't fall behind (again).

So, I don't really have much else to to say except I've been exploring more of what Weebly can do, so I just got a couple sub pages on the 'My Novels'.  Yeah, so that's good.  Anyway.  I guess that's all.


The Kid Author
Okay, I found the time to update this again!

Yesterday I just passed 25,000 words, and today's mark is going to be 27,000 at the least.  I thought it would be cool to make it to 30,000 today, but it would be impossible, though by tomorrow I should.

Anyway, enough of boring numbers!  I keep getting ideas, so as I said twice now, I'm going to write a sequel to this NaNo novel, however, I also decided that I'm going to write each novel as NaNo novel, thus I can say, "my NaNo Series," and it would make sense... at least, it would make sense to me.

NaNoWriMo is boding... interestingly.  I've got 22,994 words, but I should be past 25,000, so I'm heading for that today.  I doubt I'll make it, yet, I shall strive to do so.  If it makes my bones go white and fall to ashes, if it makes my hair fall out, my eyes grow wrinkled and black.  Even if I die a horrible, writing educed death, I shall writer 60,000 words this month!  I cannot live through a failure in my own writing challenge.

Anyway, I've been fighting very, very large battles with Emperor Procrastination.  He's beaten me several times, yet today I beat him in one of the closest battles I have had so far.  Okay, okay, maybe I'm not literally fighting Procrastination, but it's a struggled all writers have to go through, and, at the moment, that's what I'm fighting in.

It's like a swamp.  Once your leg is stuck in the swirling, purple, festering water, you cannot get out.  You are doomed unless you fight with your greatest might to destroy the evilness of the swamp.

Sorry, I'll try not to go down one of those rabbit-trails again.  But I have been suffering from Procrastination.  And weariness.  I think a lot of NaNoers are finding this about now.  I know for sure that a least a few are.  And my case of Procrastination isn't as bad as some people's and for that, I am grateful, though I hope that they slay the monstrous beast that I too, am fighting (Procrastination).

My plot is finally starting to move along, yet I am nowhere from even being half done.  I've got so much material that, as I have said before, I will need to put in another novel, a sequel of some sort.

Also, I've been harassed by my other, uncompleted or not yet started writings.  They beg of me to set aside Vengeance's Blade, they say You have given that novel to much attention, come, leave that one alone and write us... write us.  If you just imagined that in an evil goblin voice, good for you, that's what I was thinking of it my head.  But it's the truth, though, no, I don't really have goblins lurking on the edge of my head.  I am tempted so many times to write something else.  BUT I MUST FOCUS!!!  Goblins or not.  I just came up with yet another novel idea.  I HAVE TO MANY!!! Actually, I don't, but I wouldn't be overly surprised if I don't have the time to write them all in my life.

So, that's my update.  Sort of short, so I'll add in an excerpt.

Chapter 13.

“Wha? Wha’ am I?” asked Hedrian as he woke, his mind as befuddled and mixed around as it possibly could.
       “You are,” began Remil, “in a pit, with a large spider crawling-”
       “AAH!!! AAAH!! GET IT AWAY! GET IT AW-”
        Tarth put a hand over Hedrian’s mouth, he held his other hand to his own mouth, “quiet, do you want to get us all killed?  Remil was joking.  We are in a forest, trying to wake you.”  Tarth released his hand from his companion’s mouth.
       Hedrian blinked, then whispered, “well, are we near the tower yet?”
       “No,” said Tarth critically, “I couldn’t drag you around any longer so we attempted to wake you, now that you are, we can resume our journey.”
       “But I’m tired,” moaned Hedrian, swinging his arms around.
       “Don’t complain like a child, keep your lips tight and your grasp on fear even tighter.”  Tarth laid a hand on Hedrian’s quaking, sweating shoulder.

That's right where I am, at the moment in my novel.  It's fun to write, but time-gobbling and  increasingly difficult as I struggle to find the right words.  Well, I guess that's all.


The Kid Author
Yup, that basically is all there is.  My apologies for not posting in forever.  I'm doing NaNoWriMo whcih is VERY busy, and well, yeah.

I just thought that this was a good time to post an excerpt of my NaNo novel:

Aroc positioned himself firmly on the brim of the hill, his armor reflecting the bright silver moon, “Mendril,” Aroc shouted, “TAKE THE CITY!”
       Mendril reacted quickly and yelled to the division commanders, who shouted endlessly at their battalion commanders, who also screamed wildly at the troops.  The soldiers hustled forward, their heavy, thick metal armor bouncing up and down on their bodies, the breastplates shining silver glares across the fields.  They raced down from the hills and began to cross a mile long field.
       But the Kormas had been ready.  They released thousands of flaming arrows into the ranks of oncoming soldiers, felling to many to count.  Then another volley, and another.  Firethrowers from the walls began launching them from small magonels, and two massive trebuchets hurled stones into the thousands of troops.
       HOW??? HOW??? thought Aroc.  NO!!!  But it was not at the loss of men he had lost himself on, but what was coming out of Halam, The-Hundred-League-Forest.  It was Alfamaus, Oratheus, Koredon, Vaneblade, Shadowaxe, Heruc of Shyem, Nephil of Teack, Velay Flamehair, and Gamba the Blind, among others.
       They raced down into his unsuspecting troops, Korma Infantry along with them… and they decimated his troops.  They dropped their weapons and rank screaming hysterically back to the hills.  Aroc cursed, mount his horse, and gave orders for the cavalry to hold off the Kormas and warriors from slaughtering his troops as they ran.  He cursed once more.

Now, that was a dream of the antagonist's.  He was having a nightmare of 4 years before, where he had attacked a city but failed to take it.  You'd understand if you read it in context.

My word count is 11,232, currently, but I'm going to write another 2,000 words today.  Yup, every day this month I have to write 2,000 words to get my goal of 60,000.  But, the one thing I don't have to worry about is not enough material.  This will certainly be my longest novel yet.  (since I only wrote one other, 45,000 words long).  But, there is another thing I have to worry about.  IF I HAVE TO MUCH!!!

Yes, I'm going to make this into a series, maybe only one book after it, then again, I might make a trilogy.  Then yet again, maybe a cycle.  Who knows.

But anyway, my NaNo novel is called:  Vengeance's Blade.  It's about this one boy, well, 17 year old boy, who is basically a wanderer.  When his teacher is killed, and he himself captured, he vows to take revenge.  As the story goes on though, he will meet much more hardships than his previous 17 years could even mimic .

I keep introducing new characters.  And now, some that were just going to be minor, placeholder characters are going to be developed upon, at least to some extent.  For example, I just introduced this character.  I like him, he's awesome.  But according to how my plot is supposed to work, he should *SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER*  thus, that would be annoying.

If you can guess what the *SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER* is, then go ahead, but the answer will not be revealed... at least for a while.