Yup, that basically is all there is.  My apologies for not posting in forever.  I'm doing NaNoWriMo whcih is VERY busy, and well, yeah.

I just thought that this was a good time to post an excerpt of my NaNo novel:

Aroc positioned himself firmly on the brim of the hill, his armor reflecting the bright silver moon, “Mendril,” Aroc shouted, “TAKE THE CITY!”
       Mendril reacted quickly and yelled to the division commanders, who shouted endlessly at their battalion commanders, who also screamed wildly at the troops.  The soldiers hustled forward, their heavy, thick metal armor bouncing up and down on their bodies, the breastplates shining silver glares across the fields.  They raced down from the hills and began to cross a mile long field.
       But the Kormas had been ready.  They released thousands of flaming arrows into the ranks of oncoming soldiers, felling to many to count.  Then another volley, and another.  Firethrowers from the walls began launching them from small magonels, and two massive trebuchets hurled stones into the thousands of troops.
       HOW??? HOW??? thought Aroc.  NO!!!  But it was not at the loss of men he had lost himself on, but what was coming out of Halam, The-Hundred-League-Forest.  It was Alfamaus, Oratheus, Koredon, Vaneblade, Shadowaxe, Heruc of Shyem, Nephil of Teack, Velay Flamehair, and Gamba the Blind, among others.
       They raced down into his unsuspecting troops, Korma Infantry along with them… and they decimated his troops.  They dropped their weapons and rank screaming hysterically back to the hills.  Aroc cursed, mount his horse, and gave orders for the cavalry to hold off the Kormas and warriors from slaughtering his troops as they ran.  He cursed once more.

Now, that was a dream of the antagonist's.  He was having a nightmare of 4 years before, where he had attacked a city but failed to take it.  You'd understand if you read it in context.

My word count is 11,232, currently, but I'm going to write another 2,000 words today.  Yup, every day this month I have to write 2,000 words to get my goal of 60,000.  But, the one thing I don't have to worry about is not enough material.  This will certainly be my longest novel yet.  (since I only wrote one other, 45,000 words long).  But, there is another thing I have to worry about.  IF I HAVE TO MUCH!!!

Yes, I'm going to make this into a series, maybe only one book after it, then again, I might make a trilogy.  Then yet again, maybe a cycle.  Who knows.

But anyway, my NaNo novel is called:  Vengeance's Blade.  It's about this one boy, well, 17 year old boy, who is basically a wanderer.  When his teacher is killed, and he himself captured, he vows to take revenge.  As the story goes on though, he will meet much more hardships than his previous 17 years could even mimic .

I keep introducing new characters.  And now, some that were just going to be minor, placeholder characters are going to be developed upon, at least to some extent.  For example, I just introduced this character.  I like him, he's awesome.  But according to how my plot is supposed to work, he should *SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER*  thus, that would be annoying.

If you can guess what the *SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER* is, then go ahead, but the answer will not be revealed... at least for a while.
11/6/2012 12:29:57 pm

Aw :( It cut at the end :P But I love the excerpt!

11/21/2012 06:44:31 pm

I absolutely love this! Literally from the first sentence you had a tight grip on the lower half of my arm; an inch from my elbow -- ha, ha.
Anyway, one thing you definitely should know for your books, novellas, posts, et cetera, is that you continually are making a mistake by accidentally replacing TOO with TO. That unfortunately will probably leave a bad impression on most, if not all, publishers. It also appears quite strange in some sentences, and makes many of them hard to read. It will be much better in your writing if you remember to correct that!


11/21/2012 06:47:24 pm

CORRECTION: "magonel" should be "mangonel"


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