Okay forget about the last post, all of a sudden I've gotten REALLY busy.  First on Saturday I was surprised to find that in about two hours I had to go on a two hour drive to a wedding in the hot sun.  I only got back at a little before ten o' clock and that left me tired for the next big day.  Sunday was church and then after lunch I went to an old folks home for several hours and only got back about supper time.  After supper I went to a chalk talk artist person who drew/painted an interesting picture.  It was really cool afterwards when he was explaining what certain things meant.  So now today I woke up late and I'm still half asleep, and tired.  Tomorrow, hopefully, will be writing club, the first meeting that I've been trying to get started since a few months ago.  Originally it had been planned for last week, but on that day everybody had something that happened, such as sickness's and broken ankles.  It's really true!

 This is an unusual post because it's news about what's happening to me, just thought I might put it up here.
Recently I have been working on my book so much that I haven't had time to be here, so today I dragged myself a few feet away from my computer and typed in a few words, lazy isn't it?  Well it could be considered lazy, but because I have been writing all this time I wouldn't consider it lazy.  Yesterday I spent over THREE HOURS writing.  You might say it gets a little boring, but the funny thing was, that entire time I wasn't bored! I was having loads fun!  I was writing and I was just making up some, maybe a little bit preposterous things,  but that's not the point.  If you feel bored in your writing I highly suggest STOP WRITING!  re-read it, see what you thought was interesting before, and see why your writing might not be so interesting now.  Try to change it and make it more interesting, if that doesn't work you might want to re-write several chapters or pages up to that point so that you can start afresh and bend your writing the way you think would be more interesting.  I like to laugh, and so I try to put laughs in my writings.  That can regenerate your ideas and excitement of writing, plus who doesn't like to laugh when they are reading?
Antagonists ("Bad Guys") are fun to write about, for me at least.  They can't be unpredictable though, once you have a picture of them set in your mind you can't change it, and having them also give readers a laugh can be quite interesting, although sometimes not the best thing to do.  Antagonists can't suddenly change attitudes, if you do have them change, it should take a while for them to switch attitudes.  If it changes to suddenly or to frequently it can get a little ridiculous.  Often the antagonist is what spices up the novel or writing I am working on.  They start to fill in the blanks where they were needed in writings for me, and whenever I have achieved a good antagonist I am proud of it.
Personally I CAN'T write when I'm just staring at a blank piece of paper or computer page.  it's blank there's nothing there! I havn't written anything yet! will I ever write anything! how will I even start to write again!  AHHH!  Well I know some people can ONLY write with a pen in hand and nothing distracting them.  But I can't.  Find out where you can write best, then write there.  It really helps, unfortunately for me I can think while I'm mowing and so find it . . . almost . . . not work to mow.
At the moment nobody knows me, but sometime from now to the end of July people will begin know who the "Kid Author" is.  Yep you guessed it! I WILL finish my novel by the end of July, now of course if something unexpected comes up it may be delayed, and until it is formatted into an ebook it might reach into the fringes of August.  And getting my novel copyrighted will be a barrier.  But TTT (I code-named my novel TTT) will be out to the public soon, if it does take until August it would be still only two months or less.  Its sequel will begin to take shape the day I finish TTT so I expect it will only be a few more months after TTT comes out that its sequel will follow!
It can be hard to make a character in a story human.  What I mean by that is to have the character be a almost real person with real attitudes and feelings.  A making that character have attitudes, feelings, and behaviors can be hard.  It's best to just gradually let the reader know who the character is, rather than just saying.  "He was a annoying and bothersome person." Although some of that can be okay it's a good idea to describe a character in the actions that they do, not just saying what they are like.
Making a character "humanized" can be difficult,but once you get used to how to do it, it'll come easy.  If you wanted an annoying and dirty character always lurking hunched by another persons legs, that character could by constantly agreeing with everything the other person does and disagreeing, so that there is always something around to bother the main character.

       "I have to wait!  Come on why do I have to wait to write anything!"
       "Well to tell you the truth, you don't have to wait.  Just have patience!"
       "Waiting and having patience are the same thing!"
       "Actually they aren't, waiting is doing nothing.  While patience is a bit like persistence.  When you write you need to be patient, and have lots persistence.  People say they don't have the patience to write, well you do, you've just never tried.  I'm not to be hard on others but that's the truth.  Or you might not have had an interesting enough plot that even engages you, the author.  Just keep at it and you'll find you do have the patience."
Actually "AH HA!" moments might be harder to realize you just struck one than you think.  If anything amazing strikes you when you are writing, you will notice it, but other than that you'll have to find those "AH HA!" moments by yourself.  I you happen to hear something that just resonates in you mind then that could end up in an "AH HA!" moment.  However first we need to find out what those "AH HA!" moments usually are for you, what interests you?  If you hear something that interests you, think about it for a while, after all you might have a Light Bulb pop on in your head!
        Do you know that what you just heard could eventually turn out to be a big "AH HA!"  Of course not always, and "AH HA!" moments don't always come.  But keep searching and you'll come on one sometime.


Lack . . . . . . . . . . of

So maybe you started writing something you just couldn't keep back, something you thought was amazing and just couldn't wait to write it down.  That's great! BUT now that you've written a little bit, your not sure where the plot is going.  That problem I have learned by experience  (even though I am young I do have a limited experience in some  aspects) one of the ways to "Cure" this "Disease" is to stop writing, but not stop thinking.  Conjure up some plot that 

  . . . . . . . .Direction

 leads from that scrap of information you already know to the whole story line.  And if this doesn't seem to work start from fresh, but keep to the same guideline of your original idea.  And if you can't do anything with this, SAVE THE COPY never throw away things that came to you to an "AH HA!" moment (more about an "AH HA!" moments later on.)  because you may want to use that writing in some other place, you never know!
You may say you would like to write, but have no idea what to write about.  Well to say it plainly, that is just an excuse, maybe you don't know how to approach writing.  What interests you mostly, that's what you should write about.  What you have been through or done, that's also what you should write about.  If you have just a scrap of a conversation hanging about in your head, WRITE IT DOWN!  who knows, it could lead you off into a writers career, but only if you want it and try to make it happen.  Knowing what to write isn't easy, writing in whole isn't easy.  At times it can be really fun, however the thing that gets me is the drafting process, my novel that I code named "TTT" (the second farthest down blog entry called "Second Draft Completed" is where "TTT" originates) is at the moment on its third draft.  And yes it does get very hard to keep writing, after all I've; Just written the rough draft in only TEN DAYS (it is almost a hundred and twenty pages long).  Finished drafting it once and drafting yet another time.  But i'm not here to write about me.
If you have trouble starting to write a fiction novel here is my advice.  First think about your story, or if you want to just write, but still after the rough draft is finished we need to come back and think about the plot in a whole.  So a one time or another we have to start doing some serious thinking.  What is the plot about?  How can I make it more suspenseful?  How can I make the characters seem more human so that readers can understand them?  What makes a plot suspenseful to me?  And how can I make the plot that suspenseful and exciting like other authors can?  Think about it, knowing what to write in a big part is knowing what you novel is about, and if you can't even think of what you novel is about, then lets start from the beginning, how to think up that idea for you novel.