Lack . . . . . . . . . . of

So maybe you started writing something you just couldn't keep back, something you thought was amazing and just couldn't wait to write it down.  That's great! BUT now that you've written a little bit, your not sure where the plot is going.  That problem I have learned by experience  (even though I am young I do have a limited experience in some  aspects) one of the ways to "Cure" this "Disease" is to stop writing, but not stop thinking.  Conjure up some plot that 

  . . . . . . . .Direction

 leads from that scrap of information you already know to the whole story line.  And if this doesn't seem to work start from fresh, but keep to the same guideline of your original idea.  And if you can't do anything with this, SAVE THE COPY never throw away things that came to you to an "AH HA!" moment (more about an "AH HA!" moments later on.)  because you may want to use that writing in some other place, you never know!

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