Okay forget about the last post, all of a sudden I've gotten REALLY busy.  First on Saturday I was surprised to find that in about two hours I had to go on a two hour drive to a wedding in the hot sun.  I only got back at a little before ten o' clock and that left me tired for the next big day.  Sunday was church and then after lunch I went to an old folks home for several hours and only got back about supper time.  After supper I went to a chalk talk artist person who drew/painted an interesting picture.  It was really cool afterwards when he was explaining what certain things meant.  So now today I woke up late and I'm still half asleep, and tired.  Tomorrow, hopefully, will be writing club, the first meeting that I've been trying to get started since a few months ago.  Originally it had been planned for last week, but on that day everybody had something that happened, such as sickness's and broken ankles.  It's really true!

 This is an unusual post because it's news about what's happening to me, just thought I might put it up here.

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