Powerful, magnificent, bold, and bloodthirsty, you are my lord.

I am Merdoth, the other captains say I am a worthless captain.  Please not believe the sniveling, meekly, persons, they are WRONG!  Kalis the Careless, Rilivan the wrong, and Pengor the pitiful, are all far below my rank of expertise.  They call me a magician, I am NOT!  They say the I am kind to the captives!  ME!  HAHAHA! kind to my captives, please, do not believe these lies, I am fully mature enough to assume the rank of Commander.  I will also let you know, that although I am sure, whatever decision you make of who is the next commander will be right, it should be me.  Me without question.  As you  may have heard I have just won a battle.  I am so happy!   And before I sign and seal this letter, I must say, you need to promote me, for I am the best.


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