I've been away far too long, far too long.  SIX days! can you believe it! well, I'm back now and I've got a LOOOOOOOONG list of ideas for really "revolutionizing" my website.  I'll list a few, my new thing I call an, E-Log, E-Journal, a bunch of new short stories, my second novel, pink caterpillars...  and the list goes on.  Seriously though, I was away camping and I saw the strangest of things...

So, I'll be posting TONS from now on because I have TONS of new ideas, plus, I'll be giving away a short story I call Second Chance very soon, I'll give a few sneak peaks and all that exciting stiff until it is fully ready.  Upcoming events on the Random Writings page, The Weekly Wars posts, and, I would also like to know if you want another list of riddles and jokes, that was assembled in my free time for fun, but, I could make another few if you wanted.
11/21/2012 05:34:50 pm

I certainly think you should posts new jokes and riddles if you can think of some. I did think they sounded authentic. One more thing: it is kind of difficult to keep from seeing the answers since the riddles' answers, and the jokes' answers are fairly close together :) .

Robert Thacker
11/22/2012 08:51:11 am

Okay, I'll try to think some up. And I'll space them better this time. :)

11/22/2012 08:29:28 pm

Thanks for replying!


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