What is "Writer's Block"?

What is it that haunts writers, young and old alike?

For some, it's just plain laziness, which in truth would be procrastination (which, if you hear me through, you will find is actually harder to vanquish that Writer's Block.)

But laziness isn't what we label "Writer's Block".  In fact, it's much easier to overcome your Writer's Block than it is to overcome your unwillingness to write (which is what we call procrastination).

In fact, there is little difference between Writer's Block and Procrastination, when you come down to it.  They both have the same cure - and while it won't do the Block and its Sidekick in forever, it will work ever time you confront Writer's Block or Procrastination.

What is it?  Well, I guess it's time to reveal the secret (that isn't so secret).

Planning.  Outlining.  Plotting.  Whatever you want to call it - do it.  It's the only cure that will get you out of a hole quickly and without a lot of time wasted (heh, not to say this is an EASY way.  There's no easy shortcut to anything in writing, really).

The other methods of defeating "Writer's Block" and Procrastination is to "just write", to "sit down and just write".  I find this inadequate for me (not to say it's bad if you do it this way, but I see it as extra work).

The truth of it is, when you force yourself to write, the work will be forced, and will clearly show itself to be forced.  I cannot read that kind of writing, it just makes me go insane (which is why I write slowly on the first draft, though you'll see my moments when I write like a mad man - and virtually burn my keyboard ;)

Writer's Block isn't EASY to overcome, but if you feel intimidated by the saying "just write" (that I'm sure you've heard at least once before if you read other things related to this subject) then this way is, I believe, simpler.

Remember, Writer's Block is only what you crank it up to be.  If you know what to write, you can write it any time with or without "Writer's Block".

Okay, so maybe you don't think you're very good at outlining.  Well, you'll want to see my next post if you are in that mind set.

~Robert WordWeaver
6/27/2013 12:36:24 pm

I haven't read your post yet, but I might. It is 10:30 P.M. right now. Anyway, about the contest, I am not sure if I'll have time to write a novella, but if I do, I will have to tell you that I am joining it about the exact time I send you my story, for I am going to Miracle Mountain Ranch on Sunday. That is why I have to hurry. (I am in debt to my parents for birthday presents and other things, nothing catastrophic, so that is why I haven't bought T.T.T.) I am going to be going to M.M.R. for 1 week, and volunteering for 2. I won't be able to check your web-log for a long time -- about 3 1/2 weeks. Do you remember what the name I came up with is for Story Wars?! If not, that is okay -- I will come up with a new one! Last thing -- check my website -- I've posted some neat pictures!

General Jaguar Scout

General J.S.
6/29/2013 06:24:47 am

Alright, I have just now read your post! I LEAVE FOR CAMP IN ABOUT 17 HR. AND 30 MINS.! Goodbye. :)


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