Today I have been formatting my book for printing.

As some of you may know, if you reach your word count goal in November for NaNoWriMo, CreateSpace will give five free books of your novel.  Sounds great, doesn't it!

Well, it does.  Buuut, YOU (or, in this case, I) have to format this book, and come up with a cover for it.

So I'm working on those two things.  I've just about finished formatting it (I'll have to ask  my brother to look over a few quick things first), and then it'll be done.

I'm going to read it over one more time though before sending it off to CreateSpace, just to fix up a few things (grammatically).  And to go over some of it just to make sure it make sense.  This will be the fifth draft, and going over it, I'm surprised how many things I've missed...

Anyway.  I know this novel (The Traitors Tale) is fairly terrible (hehehe), but I want it printed out since it's my first completed work - even if it is cliche and not very good.

~The WordWeaver
First, I have a few very important things to announce...

I have come to an idea that I know is worthy of being published.  But, before I start to work on it, I need to know if you (that is anyone who reads this) think it is worthy also.  And so, if you wish – and I would appreciate it immensely – if you (and that is to anyone) would look over my story, my plot, my character development, as I go through this journey.

I intend to publish this, traditionally, but I need ‘proofies’.  So basically, that’s what I’m asking.  Could you?  Would you?  If you do, you will certainly earn a slot in the ‘special thank you’ page, before the book.

So… yeah.

Email me telling me if you want to.  At the moment, I only have the plot settled on, but I need you to look over it because – frankly – it takes more than 1 person to write a book – if you understand me.


~The WordWeaver

Second, I got an amazing idea... another idea.  This one is very weird, very unusual, but very cool.  No one else in the world has done it before, and it's a daunting task, one which I will take on - and accomplish.

I can't tell you much about it, because it's hush hush right now, but it'll be cool... no, not just cool, it'll sweep your minds away.  I can't tell you more than that, because it's a mystery... hehe...

More News:

I'm going to be gone for a while.  Well, not exactly gone, but not here, on this blog, for about a week.  Why?  Because I have so many ideas, so many things I want to write, that sadly, I can't do both.

Here's a *short* list of what I'm planning/doing.

The novel that I am asking for 'proofies' above.
The novella I wrote a bit about further up (hint... Fishchips *wink*).
Editing TTT.
Finishing up Vengeance's Blade.
Beginning A Monster's Roar (a tentative title for VB's sequel)
Plotting out Frozen Hope (third book in the series)
Plotting for the fourth book
Plotting for the fifth book (all the same series).
(This is not the series now) Fourth Legend (an Epic Fantasy novel about some legends and defending a castle... yeah).
Finishing my Short Story.
Editing What Was, What Will Be.
Publishing the book above that I want proofies for (I have the title, but I am code-naming it Antarctica 22, but don't worry, it has nothing to do with that :P) Antarctica 22.
Publishing the mystery novella.
Market my books once published (though I hope to publish it traditionally, my mystery novella isn't something that has ever been done before, so I don't think publishers would except it).

Yeah... that's about it.  I'm not very busy...

Anyway, of course that list will probably take until I'm about 19 or something, no, I don't expect to do that in one month, or even a year.

So, as you can see, I don't want to be taking small steps, I want to be taking leaps forward.

~The WordWeaver