Today I have been formatting my book for printing.

As some of you may know, if you reach your word count goal in November for NaNoWriMo, CreateSpace will give five free books of your novel.  Sounds great, doesn't it!

Well, it does.  Buuut, YOU (or, in this case, I) have to format this book, and come up with a cover for it.

So I'm working on those two things.  I've just about finished formatting it (I'll have to ask  my brother to look over a few quick things first), and then it'll be done.

I'm going to read it over one more time though before sending it off to CreateSpace, just to fix up a few things (grammatically).  And to go over some of it just to make sure it make sense.  This will be the fifth draft, and going over it, I'm surprised how many things I've missed...

Anyway.  I know this novel (The Traitors Tale) is fairly terrible (hehehe), but I want it printed out since it's my first completed work - even if it is cliche and not very good.

~The WordWeaver
General J.S.
3/26/2013 04:08:49 pm

Be sure not to use to instead of too!

By the way, I was incorrect about the proven instead of proved statement; it is fine with proved!

Gwingyth Thunderblade
3/26/2013 10:41:01 pm

Good for you, WoA! My first completed work was all cliche, a science fiction story that was based completely on Star Wars and a collection of Lego themes. Well…maybe 99% based on those. I had a little bit of my own originality in that. I intend to buy your book, if you publish it…*licks lips*

And I just saw the "0/30,000 The Adventure of Alistayr" word count bar today. When does Camp NaNoWriMo start?

The WordWeaver
4/26/2013 11:32:47 am

Haha, thanks! The Traitors Tale isn't quite up to my current standards... but I'm going to make it available in print as soon as I finish going through it one last time to smooth it over a little (some jagged sentences and what not), and fix up the grammar - because I was awful at grammar. BUT it should be out in about 3 weeks. :)
Wow, thank you, Gwingyth! Originally it was just intended for family/friends to read, because it's not my best work, but, I'd be honored if ya bought it. :)

Camp NaNoWriMo started April 1st (I've forgotten to update the bar), but there's also a Camp NaNoWriMo in June, if you wanted to do that. :)

3/31/2013 04:09:18 pm

How is Traitor's Tale terrible?

The WordWeaver
4/26/2013 11:35:42 am

Well... it's not terrible, but it's not up to my current standards. I use lots of long, drawn out sentences, which I'm trying to correct in this last draft before getting it self-published.

4/11/2013 04:28:47 am

I'm looking forward to it. Yes. I am.

BTW, I was wondering how you got that word count bar in the sidebar. Is that a Weebly thing, or is it something from somewhere else?

Endurance and Victory,

Gwingyth Thunderblade/Dmitri Pendragon

4/15/2013 01:04:54 pm

AMAZING!!! Wow, I come back to the UG, and everyone's formatting for publication!!!! Congratulations, this is soooooo awesome. I'm proud and happy! And I know how you feel :-) Exact same with me and Bubbles, but I hope that future books will be better... in my case. Yours will, I'm sure.


Whoa, I have a category?! :P :D

General J.S.
4/19/2013 06:19:50 pm

When did you say you have to have your book finished by to receive the five FREE copies of it?

The WordWeaver
4/26/2013 11:36:17 am

May 10th, but then they changed it to June 30th for some reason unknown to me.


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