I know it's going to be hard with school taking up lots of my time, but these are my ambitions until I get off of school, then I'll once more I jump into writing like a man who knows he'll die if he doesn't jump off a cliff (and likely he will die jumping off the cliff.)

Number 1, and the most important.  I will try to write, and finish my second novel, I don't know what I'm going to call it, so I won't talk about it for an over extended period time, thus loosing your interest in all of my writings, books, and other combinations of words.

Number 2, fully finish my poem book.  A collection of poems I am writing, it may only get to ten or so poems, but still.

Number 3, this is also tied with Number 2, but for some unknown reason I put the poems at Number 2.  Number 3 is, writing and possibly finishing Andolasia 2.  I won't call it that, but that's what I code named it for now.  Andolasia 2 will hopefully be up to my standards that I could not accomplish in the hundreds of millions or The Traitor's Tale's drafts.

Number 4, and most likely not achievable, will be to write a bunch of short stories, I am wishing that I will be able to make it at least twenty stories long (not tall :))

And this is what will definitely happen this month.  I will release (the long awaited by nobody) short story I call, Second Chance.  I don't know if you have heard me write about it, but I have been wanting to let it loose since the middle of summer, at least.

Oh, and to make this even longer, I also want to get what I call my E-Log, and my E-Journal going before November. 

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