Weekly Wars,

Marshall Jhon Mebble, reporting live on scene of the recent out brake.
Stunning event have lead up to the full exercise of atrocious deeds.  A dumpster diving dog by the name of Grifflebark, was caught filling a cat's home with hairballs.  More stunning events have occurred, only many of these were cat incidents.  Early this morning officials say the police caught a sneaky cat with over TWENTY pounds of raw meat.  He was heading for the dog headquarters of Big Bark.  But the police are on the cats side, so, naturally, they let the cat go free of charge.  Another sabotaging plot was done yesterday afternoon.  A kitten was found in a trashcan, wrestling with a pup.  The little dog was pinned before a larger dog came to the rescue, knocking over the trashcan when he heard scuffling from inside.

Now, at exactly 2:00 PM outside King Plumpcat's royal palace, large hordes of dogs are seen barking, growling, and nipping around the palace.  A group of military police cats were trying to force the rowdy dogs back, but to no avail.  A Tinderflyer was caught smuggling food supplies into the palace not more than twenty minutes ago.  The food contained, Raspberry Chocolate Caramel Cake, Blueberry Pie, and the list continues to infinity, meanwhile, the dogs have been having to live on bee intestines, and fly brains.  That, is why the final string was cut.  Just five minutes ago, Berndote, another Australian Cattle Dog, raised the dog's flag, the flag of rebellion!

Immediately both sides began to make a chorus worse than you can imagine as they howled, barked, growled, meowed, and yelped at each other as rotten cabbage heads flew down among both sides, it is a stinky mess.

Two Hours later.

The fighting is now over.  Fat Cat Square, as the open courtyard space outside Plumpcat's palace is called, is littered with thousands of rotten cabbage, tomatoes, and other vegetables.  A peace was signed fifteen minutes ago, leaving the cat regime intact. But the dog Berndote wants revenge, and, what he called "his lost kingdom" for his own.  Dmails have once more commenced in massive swarms.  Something is amiss.

Marshall Jhon Mebble, advising you to keep you glasses on, your head low, and a large supply of rotting cabbage.


08/31/2012 11:44am


Bad decision guys.

08/31/2012 12:56pm

Lol A treaty?! It'll never last...


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