A week has passed since I left you on those pins and needles, sorry about that, those cats sabotaged my recording office with loads of stinking, rotting, cabbage, not fun.  It took me the entire week to get the place cleaned, aired, and reorganized.  But now the news is back, I am in a terrible state, please forgive my looks as I go out to the hottest point of protesting in the city.

Ten minutes later.

Here I am, at the largest spot of protesting.  It seems a few poodles have painted themselves blue, what a sensible way to protest the cat regime, for cats hate blue.  Also, news has just come in that King Everden has resigned and handed over the government to the cats.  Things are really starting to heat up.  Dmails have nearly doubled in the past few days, black mail is yet again, among them.  A young cat food administrator was threatened to surrender all the cat food in that  district or else dogs would take it with force.  The cats agreed, but secretly they have begun to smuggle some dog food away from the dogs main kennels.  Cats all around the country are rallying to hopefully stop the dogs in their attempt to overthrow the new king, King Plumpcat.  Plumpcat claims that he was not involved in rallying the cats, but that is what HE says.

I'll keep you posted, but as of yet, I am sure that the cats are continuing to sabatoge your house if you are a dog lover, please note what kind of sabatoge it is, rotten cabbage heads, molding apples, overturned trashcans, rotten cabbage heads, pins scattered all over the floor, general destruction, or rotten cabbage heads.

08/25/2012 1:52pm


Stinkin' cats...taking over the world...

08/27/2012 11:09am



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