My lord,

I have received information that you will soon be promoting a captain to the rank of commander, I assure you, whatever decision you make will surely be the best, although I hope you will take some of my advice.  Captain Rilivan, he is the youngest of all the captains, I suggest that he not be promoted, he is young and inexperienced, I doubt he could handle much more than captaincy.
       Pengor, he is quite the opposite, he is far too old.  He being nearly forty is near the state of death, his mind could go at any time and, although he has experience unlike Rilivan, he is so old I do not believe he could lead his men in the forefront of the battle . . . unlike me.
       Merdoth, he is too unpredictable, he is closely associated with the magical arts.  His black "wisdom" only leads him on to do one thing, rule.  If you promote him, he will surely use some dark art on you, me and all other trustful Letvarins.  The United States of Letvar cannot have such a corrupted mind in a position of power.

Kalis The Killer

05/09/2013 3:45pm

not the best title to go with, Kalis the Killer, especially when your trying to get promoted. why not be Tudor the Tyrannical, nothing suspicious about that.
Good letters.
-Z baner


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