These are some AMAZING websites, there awesome and besides, eventually I bet you'll get bored of just me, so why don't look at there websites for a bit (uh, not to scare you away or nothing :D) (an awesome website for Wayne Thomas Batson, a christian author.)

Hope you enjoy, I just thought I'd post these websites. 
9/14/2012 09:35:49 am

Hey, thanks! :D

10/8/2012 02:06:07 am

Thanks! You have no idea how much this means to me. :)

10/8/2012 02:47:54 am

No problem! Your website is very good. :D

11/24/2012 07:16:24 am

Robert, would you please put a link to my website? I really want people to visit it.

Your Friend,


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