The War Horn was an amazing novella by J. Tobias Buller.  If any of you are looking for a good book to read, I highly suggest it.

John - the son of Lord Cayson - wakes late in the morning.  While a certain man visits his mother and father, he skips morning prayers and meets a welsh friend of his own age.  However, when news comes to the castle later and a note is found, John's world seems to be broken in half... and indeed it was cracking - cracking into war.  But after a few suspenseful days, John's only hope is to find the Holy Grail and... give it to his enemy.  But why would a tyrant, ungodly man like Lord Gair want a holy relic?

The War Horn places you in John's mind, every decision he makes, it feels as though you make.  I gasped at numerous twists and turns, with each page I was led inward, I felt myself wanting to scan the pages ahead to find out what would happen.

This Historical Fiction was well thought out, developed, and clear to understand.

I can see J Tobias Buller, or Jake, weaves his tale incredibly, amazing debut novella.  However, this is his first published work and in several parts - especially near the beginning - it shows through.  And being self-published there are several grammatical mistakes.  The ending, too, while satisfying, lacks some of the 'epicness' it could have.

Still, The War Horn is one of the tidiest self-published novella's I've read, and what experience was lacking in the beginning, was soon made up for.

I cannot explain how much this book engrossed me.  I literally was on the edge of my seat.  If you are looking for a book to read, to intrigue you and bring you in, or even just to relax after a hard day, then The War Horn is your book.

I shall wait (not so patiently) for more books by Jake as this has left me (almost) bleeding for more.  But first, join John on his journey, whether or not you like Historical Fiction, I'm sure you'll love The War Horn.

I give it a 4-out-of-5 stars.

~Ink-Splattered and Pencil Armed
The WordWeaver
General Jaguar Scout
1/25/2013 05:54:03 am


IT ONE WHOLE MOON! Ha, ha. Right now I am doing my school-

reading, and that includes Wrath & Righteousness -- an e-book.

Have you read Michael Vey -- Prisoner of Cell 25? Two books from

that series have come out so far, both having been published by

Mercury Inc. Those two are the one above mentioned, and Michael

Vey -- Rise of the Elgen. I'm not sure how many there are in the

series, but I give it a 5/5 stars (or moon)! The first book, which is the only one I have read so far, does have minor kissing at the very,

very end, but, other than that, there are no morally bad parts. It is

a terrifically perfect novel, and I really want to read the others.

As for my novella, I haven't written any today.

By the way, how do you put this character in your writing easily: ä?

I had to open Microsoft Word, copy that, and paste it into this

comment . . .

Happy writing,
General J.S.

The WordWeaver
1/26/2013 12:13:34 am


I gave it four stars because I was giving him an honest review, he told me 'no sugarcoating'. Still, 4 out of 5 is a real good book, I don't always rate them that high. The only books I would rate higher than 4 would be the Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Horse and His Boy, The Children of Hurin, a few others. :)

No, I haven't ever heard of Michael Vey - Prisoner of Cell 25. I rarely read non-High Fantasy books (at least not for fun, most of the time).

And kissing isn't necessarily morally bad, as long as it's not too much.

Still, I don't really like romances. :P

I don't know how to get an a with two dots above, not sure even how to do it in Microsoft Word. :(

The WordWeaver

General J.S.
1/26/2013 05:53:01 am

Oh, I forgot to specify -- its "boyfriend/girlfriend" kissing, which of course is not needed . . . at all!

How, then, did you write Näkemiin that one time, with that in it?

The WordWeaver
1/26/2013 06:15:26 am

Oh, yeah, definitely not needed.

I'm not sure when that was, but I probably copied and pasted it from somewhere off the internet.

General J.S.
2/5/2013 08:21:52 am

Oh, now I see that you did post that comment!

Princess Writer
1/25/2013 06:26:06 am

Much to the detriment of mine wallet, you've sold me :P Looks great! Just gotta figure out how to buy it....

The WordWeaver
1/26/2013 12:07:35 am

:D :P

It's on for 2 or 3 dollars.

Princess Writer
1/26/2013 02:50:50 am

Ohhhhh. Thanks!

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