It's a give away day, because The Traitors Tale is having a give away.

One signed print copy of The Traitors Tale will be given to the Grand Prize winner.

But that's not all.  The Second place winner (or, if the first place winner cannot or wishes not to reveal his/her address) will receive a copy of The Traitors Tale in any digital format.  (Think of these words as in the voice of a flashy salesman, 'kay?)
(Forgive the Click to Look Inside, hehe)

Buuut, now we come to how you become the Grand Prize winner.

Your Mission:  Write a short story of varying length but below 2,000 words (a few hundred words more is acceptable).  It can be just about anything, any genre, any style, First, Third, or even Second person point of view.  (Though I suggest third or first, because second is a very odd way to write.)

Send it in to me through this email by July 10th, 11:59, EST.  scoutofdunnwood[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

The winner will be announced July 11th.

As a side note, I am not a schemer, plotter, or cunning evil tyrant who's trying to lighten your purse or wallet - as could be found within the pages of The Traitors Tale, although, I should think you'd find something far worse than cutpurses.

And as a SERIOUS side note, shipping and handling will be paid for the print copy as well.

Remember, a free signed copy of The Traitors Tale will be delivered to the Grand Prize winner's mailbox (literally!) - all expenses paid.  That's about 12 U.S. Dollars. :O

And if you don't get first or second place, you still get a prize.  This wonderful post by me!  (I am so sorry... so anticlimactic... probably lost all my readers with that...)

Write Happily, The WordWeaver.

Disclaimer:  Damage in shipping is not the fault of the WordWeaver or his associates - please do not sue.
6/8/2013 06:29:49 am

Sounds awesome, but... hard. :)

Moira :)
6/9/2013 07:49:52 am

Awww, I REALLY wish I had the time to do this! :( :( :( 'Cause then I could SUE you! And that would be SOOOOO cool! :P :D
Anyhow, a huge congratulations on publishing this book if I haven't said that already. I <em>will</em> read this someday, someday soon. I can't wait :)
WHOOT! *throws marshmallows everywhere*

A happy writing to you, too :)


The WordWeaver
6/11/2013 07:16:03 am

Hehe. :D

Thanks! I hope you read it soon too. :P

Raptor Elytra
6/9/2013 01:11:50 pm

What will you be judging it on?

The WordWeaver
6/11/2013 07:14:31 am

Story, quality, um... overall goodness. :P

6/13/2013 06:10:06 pm

Enter I may, for I have no writing project as of specific of late. Overall goodness, thou sayest? If thou would care for a dramatic saga of swords and sorcery, battles and blood, then don't ask me.

If I come across as overly dramatic, make note of it not, for I am in the mode which is known as dramatic, and therefore I speak and write in these queer, and may I say, peculiar ways.

Leannen etcetera etcetera etcetera,

Dmitri of Pendragon

6/13/2013 07:25:46 pm

And another thing I forgot to mention, I suggest you could update 'The Traitors Tale' on 'The Library'…put a picture of the front cover, take out the comma after 'Kaleb' in the blurb, and update the 'status' portion.

I'd like to see that sort of thing.

—Dmitri Pendragon


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