As I continue to write, I am beginning to learn things.  Not just how to form a sentence better, nor how to correct grammar (though I need to work on that), I am learning much more.

Each writer is in 1 of 4 main stages.  And each stage is hard fought for, no one can be born one step ahead, nor one step behind.  But they can advance at faster paces.

These 4 steps you ask?  Simple.  They are; Unconscious Incompetence.

We all start here, at level one.  We are unknowing that we are incompetent at writing.     But don't feel bad, I'll say it again EVERYONE, starts at this level.

Secondly, Conscious Incompetence.

This is when we know we are incompetent, yet still can't become competent.  This is a large step up from Unconscious Incompetence.  But not everyone has is up to this level of writing, I'm not trying to belittle them, I am only stating the truth.  I will explain what I mean a little later.

Third, Conscious Competence.

This is where we can do it, we can write, but we have to focus hard and long on it, and really concentrate.

And lastly, Unconscious Competence.

Here, we know how to write so well, we don't even think as we type (or scribble).

Now, I'm going to expand on these things.

These 'levels' are not writing as a whole.  No, I mean in each aspect of writing we go through this process.
Say there were three people, Bob, John, and Jill.

Bob was really great at coming up with a plot, so much so, in fact, he was in the Unconscious Competent state.  John, however, was at the Unconscious Incompetence level for creating a plot.  However, he was at stage 3 in Character Development.

And lastly, Jill was superb at the flowing of words and the rhythm, yet she too lacked in both Plot and Character Development.
Did you get the point of that example?  Each of us are better at one thing or another, and we each go through those stages each and every section of writing, Character Development, the Flow of the sentence, Plot, Intrigue, Description, the list is almost endless, but we each have our own specialty.

Do you have any thoughts on this post?  Please, go ahead and comment.


The WordWeaver
General J.S.
1/14/2013 06:19:34 pm

I am about at stage four in writing. I love narrative writing!

Do you? I''d assume so.

General J.S.

The WordWeaver.
1/15/2013 01:59:00 pm

I'm curious, stage four in... everything?

Yes, I do like narrative writing, I'm not sure what other writings there are other than Narrative. :P

1/14/2013 07:33:48 pm

Wow! This is sooo true. I found myself subtly nodding as I read! I am Stage 2 in Plots.
I think I'm in Stage 3 Description. Still have to work on it though.
Stage 3 Character.
Stage 2 Conversation. (Ick!)
Anyhow, good post!


The WordWeaver
1/15/2013 01:52:18 pm

Thanks, Lol, I'm glad it made sense. :P

I'm about stage 2 in everything... except Conversation which I'm stage 1 in. :P

Princess Writer
1/16/2013 03:18:54 pm

It made a ton of sense. :) In looking back at your previous (as in very beginning posts), you've come a long way from barely coherent posts to amazing advice! Good job.
Oh, and I think most writers are in the conversation boat. ;) It's so hard! Which is why I sometimes want to go out and sit in a public place and just listen to conversations...
Not like it would do me much good. ;)

Princess Writer

1/16/2013 08:31:50 pm

*looks down embarrassed* Yeah... probably better if you hadn't read some of those earlier posts... I can hardly read them myself... lol.

Anyway, I do need to make the posts more better (:P) grammar and spelling wise. But often when I wrote on this blog it's late, like really like, like 11 or 12 in the night.

About conversations, agreed. I do need to talk to other people (in real life, lol) more than I do. And talking to my brothers doesn't
exactly help getting realistic conversations... :P

Lol! Sitting in a library, a book covering your eyes, listening to people... hmm... I think I could imagine you doing that. :P

Princess Writer
1/17/2013 06:12:55 am

aww... but the posts are already great! When I post, I mainly just let what comes out stay. Probably because I'm too lazy—ha! But the posts are good. ((11 or 12! Goodness gracious!!))
I concur. Some conversations I have with my brothers are very... strange. ;) Kids in my Sunday School say, "I have problems with not talking to my classmates!" My thought, "Oh, really. I have no idea what that feels like."

Ha! :) I could try. Problem is, I'd probably burst into laughter the minute I heard a funny conversation.... *cover blown*! ;)

The WordWeaver
1/17/2013 12:21:02 pm

Thanks. :) You're posts are really good, they don't really need revised anyway. :P

Lol, me too, about the classmates thing.

Yeah, it's unfortunate, but I probably wouldn't be much of a 'spy' either. :P

Princess Writer
1/18/2013 08:01:21 am

:) Aww, thank you! But normally they're just random stuff, not encouraging things like yours.... *thinks*

;) Ah, yes. Somehow, whispering with the classmates is not a temptation.... *winkwink*

General J.S.
1/17/2013 03:18:13 pm

I was planning to respond on the fourteenth, but . . . I didn't.

Anyway, as for the stages I am in:

Character development -- stage 4.

Plot -- stage 4.

Description -- stage 4.

Conversation -- stage 3.

Are these of all in writing? At least for me, I am in stage three in

MORAL character development, and definitely stage four in real life

conversation! By the way, I am NOT meaning to sound prideful

I put myself in a bunch of FOUR categories! 'Tis true that I am great

at writing; I just need to put it into practice -- writing a novel, for


Princess Writer, who are you? Just wondering.

The WordWeaver
1/18/2013 05:54:13 pm

Awesome. :)

And yes, they are all in writing, though there are definitely more categories too.


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