So I have started on my fourth draft.  I know I probably should have done all of these drafts in the first draft, but I didn't really have time to think of other things to ad to my novel and that are only coming top me now.  Nevertheless, I thought of another big, very important idea.  I (and if your are writing something too then you also) need to get the reader involved in the story.  Showing what's happening, not just saying.  It can take time, lots of time!  But don't get discouraged because each time you re-write it gets better, doesn't it?  Showing is being descriptive, yet not boring.  Showing the reader is actually fairly easy once you get used to it.  Comedy, intense pain, exhaustion, they are all easy enough to describe, and comedy wakes the reader up from their sluggish trance of reading unexciting word after unexciting word.  The same with pain and exhaustion, as long as it is worded right, see for yourself how big of a difference showing is than just saying, this is saying.  "The mountain range was so huge and reached so hih John couldn't see their tops."  That sounds pretty bad to me, but showing sounds more like this.  "John strained his eyes to see the tops of the endless dark mountain range that stretched high up into the murky morning clouds.  Fear struck John as he almost felt himself shrinkling beneath the mountains gigantic size.  His hope forsook him, he fell to his knees in despair, crying on the black rocks of the mountains foothills."  Which gives you a stronger image?  You can clearly see the difference, showing is far better than saying.

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