A strong plot is needed for a good novel.  Without it the novel is weak.  Think about the plot BEFORE you start writing the novel.  If you don't get exactly the plot that you want, then you WILL find writing is not just boring, but something that you don't even want to do.  THAT is why you need to make sure you can stand with the plot for months (or however long it takes you to write.)
Making that strong plot.  First you need to find something you really like to write about.  Then make a villain and have him corrupt something that is worth writing about.  Not anything insignificant, it needs to be really important, and usually that means life threatening to thousands of innocent people.  The to-be-antagonist ("Bad Guy") can even start out good, but as the novel progresses he can turn into the antagonist, and then the protagonist ("Good Guy") is caught by surprise because he had once trusted the antagonist.  Complex plots are very interesting to me, with each character having a role, however small it may be.  Planning ahead is sometimes good and sometimes bad.  I have read many books and in these I have found each authors style.  Some like to just start writing and not think about the plot until he/she is writing it down the moment he/she thinks of it.  Others have so many things that are woven into the plot that eventually comes out in the end that it really makes it interesting once you find it out, to make this you would need to plan out the plot well before starting to write.  Some authors go into elaborate charts of what happens when and where, the most notable of these was authors was J.R.R.Tolkien.  He set up charts so that he knew exactly how large the moon was as his characters journeyed.  That is a useful tool, if somewhat complicated, because if the characters are separated on their journey then the author could now exactly how to plan what is happening.
Another way to strengthen your plot is to have unexpected twists, although make sure to keep them believable, or else the reader might stop reading and, well we won't discus that any further.  Anyway, if good twists in a novel are achieved it can be very intriguing.  And another thing is to keep the plot going or else it will get so uninteresting that readers won't continue reading, and well, I still won't go into that subject.  So one of the most important things when writing a good plot is; find out what style writer you are.  1, do you like to just write and write with no apparent direction until something comes to you, or 2, do you like to plan everything out to the very day of the week before you start writing.  It is up to you, but do your best at it or else it won't happen.

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