Yes, in simple words, that is what I feel like.  I hoped when I started this to put my own writings up... however, I have failed in that.

So, from now on, this will be a revolutionized website!  I know that there isn't really a point to posting now, since I haven't even published a book yet... but I will anyway.

My Review of Brian Jacques "Redwall" novel (fresh from the press).

Brian Jacques novel "Redwall" was a masterpiece.  Yet, a masterpiece that could have been better, but was still a masterpiece.  There is no perfect novel, and so you are going to find some flaws... but there are exceptionally few in "Redwall."

It immediately captured you, held you, and then, released you... but you would be forever changed, in a good way.  Redwall, to state it frankly, was awesome!  Combined with hilariousness and seriousness, it was fit ingeniously into the novel.  The way the lovable characters engage you so that when you come to that last page, you feel like you have known that character for your whole life.

The tricks that are scattered all around show Brian's Jacques mind at work, weaving the characters in and out of the plot like you would never have dreamed.  And it wasn't only the characters, the schemes both good and bad come up with will send you laughing... gasping... or whatever.

This is a great book... but Martin the Warrior is better even than Redwall.  :D

The Kid Tekija
10/12/2012 09:54:53 pm

Sadly, I have not read Redwall yet...I saw a couple of the cartoon versions but that's it.

10/13/2012 03:34:20 pm

Yes! I love Redwall :) They take up most of my shelf space...

Reed Uhler
11/23/2012 02:05:31 pm

I have not read either "Redwall" or "Martin the Warrior".


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