That's right.  I regret to inform you all, that my time on weebly is over.

Over the course of one year I poured my feelings out over this blog.  But alas and alack, the time has come to more on.  I remember the moment I started this blog - the thoughts of the first post were racing through my head faster than a speeding car chase.  It was a great day.  And a great year.

I have been stunned to see how much my writings have improved in just a short year.  But the one thing I'm still bummed about is my height.
Ah, well, I suppose that's life.

Fare friends of my blog, I don't know half of you half as well as I should, and half of you deserve a larger half of my knowledge than half of you have.

And now, my blog is officially closed, forever and always.

But hope is not lost, for a new blog has sprung up in the wake of an old one!  Please, come and take a look.

There is the land where sunsets rise, and where raindrops fall up.

~R. A. H. Thacker

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