Wow, I really need to pick up my pace, and start blogging daily again.  But, life's been uh, well, busy, sort of.  Maybe I'm just doing other things than blogging, but now I'm back.

Goal:  70,000 words.
Time:  4 Weeks + 6 days.  Or, 30 days.  Or,  720 hours.  Or, 43,200 minutes.  Or, 2,592,000 seconds.  Whew!

Yeah, so, I have to write, 70,000 words in 2,592,000 seconds.  Actually, scrap that.  I have to write 70,00o+ words, in 1,241,000 seconds, half the time I'll be sleeping.
10/15/2012 06:29:33 pm

O.O Yikes. That's a lot!


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