Pixar and Dreamworks are two amazing animation film makers.  I, recently, have been watching quite a few of Pixar's movies.  I watched Toy Story 3 (and posted about it) several months ago now, and I can truthfully say that I'm still a little awed at how well Pixar pulled it off.  The characters were so memorable - SO memorable.  For me, that was my favorite Pixar movie.

Also, just a couple months before Toy Story 3, (making it probably about 6 months ago) I watched one of Dreamwork's finest.  Actually, I think it was Dreamwork's best.  How To Train Your Dragon.  That was one awesome movie.  A bit of crude humor, but still, awesome.  It was quite entertaining and mildly bittersweet at the end.  Very memorable characters as well.

But which was better?  Well, I can't say whether Pixar or Dreamworks is 'better' (in truth, I don't think very many could actually come up with which is better, it's all a matter of opinion, really), but I can say which I like better.

Oh, wait, I can't even say that.  You see, How To Train Your Dragon and Shrek 1 & 2 were the only movies I saw by Dreamworks, and I've seen a lot more Pixars so that wouldn't work.

Shrek 1 and 2, while humorous at times, and entertaining as well kind of just went flat.  All they did was entertain - they didn't do anything else - meaning, while it was interesting to watch, I soon forgot about it.  How To Train Your Dragon, on the other hand... wow, that left a deep impression for a while.

And Toy Story 3 did as well.  Of all the other Pixar movies I've watched (Toy Story 1, 2, A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, Cars 1, the Incredibles, Wall E, Ratatouille,) Toy Story 3 exceeded them all.  Cars 1... I didn't like that very much at all - and I was the age they were targeting... to me specifically, that was  a fail on Pixar's part, but lots of other kids liked it.  However, Cars 2 went down the drain.  The other two Toy Stories just weren't quite the same (though I admit, it's been a few years since I saw them).  And Wall E, which I just viewed this very night again wasn't up to Pixar's standards.  Well, maybe it was - quality wise, sure.  But it had no where's near the impact as Toy Story 3.

When it comes to it, all shall be revealed and I shall be forced to spill my own blood...
(Dramatic effect?  Sound Guys?  Special Effect Animators?  Where are you?  You just spoiled my line!)

Anyway, what I mean by that is that I regretfully come to the conclusion that Toy Story 3 was a little better than How To Train Your Dragon, but not by much.

Moving on.  You knew this post wasn't just about Pixar and Dreamworks, right?  We're talking about every movie ever made!  Just kidding.  How about Star Wars next?

The original trilogy was alright, but seeing as I'm only just fringing into my teen years, I'm expecting blurring fast lightsabers, stunning effects, flashing lights... not slow combat and 1800's movie-quality.

Hm... maybe I put that WAY to drastically.  I sort of liked the original trilogy, though not at the first times I'd watched it.  Science Fiction didn't appeal to me at that time.

When I watched the Prequel trilogy, though, I liked that.  Still, I didn't care for Sci-Fi a whole lot, and its awesomeness only sank in until years later.

Now that the Star Wars:  The Clone Wars TV series has stopped, I'm starting to watch some of the episodes (yeah, that's how things work most of the time...).  I like it quite a bit, TV series's are good (I don't know how else to put it so I'll just leave it there).

And now, we come to the Sequel Trilogy of Star Wars - made by Disney.  And instead of George Lucas directing Episode VII, it will be... J.J. Abrams, director of Star Trek.

*Sigh* I always liked Star Wars better than Star Trek.  Star Trek "weirded me out" as you might say.  It was just rather creepy, at least, of the Star Trek movies I've watched.

But I'll be waiting expectantly for the next three Star Wars movies.  They will be following the events of the Return of the Jedi, which I've been reading a good deal about recently.

And the last movie I'm going to ramble about is... The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey!

I can't believe I didn't post about this when I first watched it.  Bad self *wags finger*.

Anyway.  I liked The Hobbit a lot, Peter Jackson did a great job in directing.  I have a couple complaints though.  Azog?  Really!?  WHY'D YOU HAVE TO BRING HIM BACK!?!?  Bolg, Azog's son actually does appear in the Hobbit.  It would make more sense if 'the pale orc' had been Bolg instead of Azog anyway.  Just because.  I like middle-earth and it's angering to see people messing with Tolkien's work.

Still, I have some things I want to point out specifically that I really enjoyed.  Radagast was AWESOME!  I know he wasn't in the book, only mentioned, but he was still my favorite character from the movie.  The Rabbits of Radagast were totally awesome, and that poor little mole he saved...

I don't know how much Peter Jackson will expand, because with Desolation of Smaug's sneak peak it looks as if there will be a lot, but I'm content for now.  Just so long as he doesn't go overboard like some people have.  (Think Narnia.  Prince Caspian was an absolute disaster, though, honestly, I still liked it.)

Random Fact:  Star backwards spells Rats.  Star reminds me of Star Wars and Rats remind me of Ratatouille.  Can you tell I'm in a movie-mood today?

~The WordWeaver
5/7/2013 08:39:37 am

I have to say, when Azog first came back, I thought he was Bolg…

I think it was a hedgehog, not a mole. And yes, I agree, Radagast is awesome.

The WordWeaver
5/15/2013 06:36:38 am

Oh, yes, it was a hedgehog. I was typing that extremely fast and hadn't read it over myself.

General J.S.
5/13/2013 10:12:44 am

I actually LOVE Cars 2. Same with A Bug's Life. From what I've

heard, the Star Wars movies were not made in chronological order,

since George Lucas wanted the huge battles (Clone Wars, for

instance) to have great special effects, for at that time they didn't.

That is why the non-trilogy movies appeared less spectacular. By

the way, I absolutely love both Star Wars and Prince Caspian . . .

in fact, all of The Chronicles of Narnia! It will be very interesting to

see the upcoming Star Wars films. Wait . . . so you think Star

Wars is terrible! -- you called it Rats Wars. Who is Azog in The

Hobbit? By the way, do you have channel television, and have you

seen The Bible series? As for Prince Caspian, just pretend it's not

connected with the book. I mean, obviously they changed many

parts in it, many of which I like the changes to. Please respond to

this comment.

The WordWeaver
5/15/2013 07:45:10 am

What I heard was that Lucas intended the first trilogy of movies to be the only movies, but then decided that he liked to make a backstory trilogy.

No, I do not think Star Wars was terrible... I was just joking.
Azog was the pale-white orc.
No to both of your questions.

I would do that, it's just REALLY annoying when they advertise a movie as based off a book, and then when I watch the movie, it turns out to be much, much different.

General J.S.
5/16/2013 10:59:21 am

That is a good point you have there, about them advertising it as based off of a book, but not doing so.

General J.S.
5/13/2013 10:14:07 am

By the way, Radagast is my favorite character, too.


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