You may say that you still can't get enough material, well if you are writing a novel the problem can easily be fixed.  And if you're writing a short story, well I don't think you need a lot of material, after all it is a short story, right?  Writing a novel is hard, you need enough thoughts to make the novel a real novel, and yet when you get halfway through the novel it seems like an impossible task because there's so much to write.  If you can't get enough of the plot and what you thought would turn out to be a three hundred page book only comes to a fifty page book then you need to start from the beginning again, sorry that's the only way to do it.  But don't delete your work, that would be a waste wouldn't it?  Read it over a couple of times, and at your own pace, not rushed or you'll miss what needs done.  Think about it, how can you make it better, like I have said write about the protagonists feelings and personalities.  Still you might not end up with more than a hundred page novel, now is when it gets hard.  Think about the novel, if you are sure that there is no way you can add onto it then you might want to just leave it the way it is, BUT never give up if you feel there is something you can do to make the novel better, some authors have written and re-written single chapters over fifty times!  You need to be persistent in writing, or else you'll find it impossible to keep writing.  And also if you are writing something fiction you can easily add some part where strange little creatures capture the protagonist and take them deep into their homes in the woods, then somehow (that's for you to make up) the protagonist wins their loyalty and they help the ending come about in a better way.

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