Yes, I admit, I didn't write any yesterday. :(

But I will today, and posting here is only the start.  I have a particular post I've been wanting to post for a while now that I'll put up today (though not in this post).

So, as I said above, I didn't write any, and that includes writing on my Short Story *facepalm*.

*Later that day...*

Originality can be one of the hardest enemies a writer can ever, Ever, have.

And it lies to us, it says it is originality, and yet, it is not.

We will always have this problem, however, we must prevail.

If something is clichéd, fix it.

For instance, as I am patching up one of my very first novel, first off, I see that the climax, well… it’s a bit clichéd, but here’s where it gets good (or bad, actually).  The antagonist invades the country, and the people in the country set out to defend themselves.

A battle ensued (the battle at the end of the book), and the good guys started loosing.  Then suddenly some people came to rescue them.  Throw a party, get excited. :/

The reason?  Well, because I didn’t set out a good plan, and didn’t have an outline, I had to make one up on the fly.  Guess what I got?  An overused, predictable cliché.

Wow, great ending to the entire story.  Not.

For that, and numerous other reasons, I have decided that the second half of my novel is unfit to have as my five NaNoWriMo book copies.  Alas… I sort of wish I could get the original, yet have it still be as good as I will make it.  Too bad life doesn’t work that way.

Anyway, I think I’ll have that other post up later today, but I need to write some first.

Inkblots are writers (random quote)

The WordWeaver
The Princess Writer (Moira)
1/22/2013 07:29:39 am

Aww, I'm sorry about not writing. :( That's hard. I understand—I think every writer does—about the originality problem. I had this brilliant idea for about three days about seven kids who discovered they were of another race, and had special gifts. What does that sound like to you?
.... Berinfell. You guessed it. ;)
So yeah. I hope you will find your pen to be full of ideas! (Oh, and good post, like always :) )

♥ Her Highness ♥

The WordWeaver
1/22/2013 08:22:50 am

Yeah, yesterday was busy and writing was the thing that just had to be sacrificed. :(

But, thankfully, I wasn't actually having the originality problem, I had been wanting to post about that, so I just did without any explanation that I wasn't having that problem.

Lol, I guessed it. :P

(Thanks, as always. :P)

The WordWeaver

The WordWeaver
1/24/2013 05:52:40 am

Oh... :P But it's not weird. :P

General J.S.
1/22/2013 09:13:33 am

Don't worry -- I'm not having an originality problem.

By the way . . . do you like writing? I like writing. They like writing. He likes writing. Writing likes itself, in fact, loves itself!

Wow! That was out of the blue . . . anyway, happy writing!

Original quote by General J.S.: "Stangled puppies do NOT make

wonderful pets."

The WordWeaver
1/22/2013 11:39:20 pm

Haha! Yes, I do like writing - a lot.

Funny quote. :P

1/22/2013 11:18:24 am

Cool post. B) I usually don't have problems with originality, but when I do, it bugs me. Like, a lot. :P

Another question about the Short Story contest, hopefully the last one: My story has italics, and they won't show up in the comment box, so is it alright if I just send it to you through your email?

The WordWeaver
1/22/2013 11:37:51 pm

Yeah, it bugs me a lot too. :P

Yes, that's actually how I originally intended it to be, but Princess Writer (Moira) wasn't allowed to email.

Princess Writer
1/23/2013 09:48:26 am

*is being very picky* ACTUALLY.... it was more like I didn't want to reveal mine email address. I'm weird that way. :P Sorry if it sounded different.

Aw.... now I won't be able to read your story, Hyper! But no worries :-) I can wait 'till it's published ;)

General J.S.
1/23/2013 06:40:37 am

Fine; I shall probably send mine through e-mail, then.

[IMG][/IMG] (Is there a smiley next to this? It's just a test.

The WordWeaver
1/24/2013 05:53:57 am


No, just a mix of jumbled symbols. :P

General J.S.
1/24/2013 08:00:46 am

Oh well.


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