Nigh a month back, I entered a script writing contest through Creation Works, a group of friends and homeschoolers dedicated to, "use creation evangelism to build the faith of believers and challenge the non-believer to consider the truth of God's word."

This script contest, to write an audio drama script, was to be based on the creation message in the Bible.

I wrote my script in several weeks time, and honestly, didn't expect to win.

To be frank . . .  (and spoil ALL that great drama I could work up in you)

I did.  First place grand prize winner.

Which means . . .

I get my own audio drama made for me.  Hehe. :)

MY script is being made into an audio drama . . .

I'm mindblown.

There it is.  The cold, hard, PROOF.

And now, because I really don't want to be boastful or nuttin' like that, I'll do a little advertising for CreationWorks.  :)


Sent off to his uncle’s farm, Zac clashes left and right with his cousin 
Penelope as they grow a mutual dislike for each other, even while Zac is 
slowly discovering the truth of creation embedded in nature for himself.  
But is his dislike for Penelope enough to drive him away from God 


Aaand, if you live in California (or don't mind spending several hundred on air tickets!) you could be a star (this is gonna be big ya know, you'll be seeing my name EVERYWHERE in a couple years ;)

But in all seriousness (you realize that some of that was a joke, right?  It's hard to tell when someone's joking over a blog post...), please, check out, when time comes, find the audio drama (A Search for Truth, is it's name) and listen to it.

(Oh, and yes, I finally am back from camp, but I have just procrastinated from blogging until I could fully send out all this information to you all, and yes, I will be blogging about my camp adventures.  The pleasant ones, and the not so pleasant ones . . . like nearly getting a concussion.)

Let thy fingers upon keyboards fly,
 ~ Robert WordWeaver
7/24/2013 06:58:04 am

Congrats on 1st place, Warrior! That's awesome!

I look forward to hearing about your camp adventures, and now I'm curious about how you nearly got a concussion.

7/26/2013 09:33:31 am

Oh yes, I expect to see your name everywhere. Don't worry, I'm checking every billboard.
And milk carton.
And book in every bookstore.
Because after this, what else will you produce?! A space ship?! If so, I'm building one too! After all, the moon is made of marshmallows... right?! ;) :D

♥ Mo ♥

Your comment thing didn't like my exclamation points. Oh, dear. I think you should install a grammar-checker-thingie! :P :D

General J.S.
7/26/2013 11:34:27 am

I am finally ready to write the first Story Wars post! Where do I post it? I HAVE NO CLUUUEEEEE! :)

7/27/2013 12:24:14 am

SWEET!!!!!=D That's so epic Warrior! Great job*pats him on the back* =D

General J.S.
7/28/2013 06:13:15 am

'Twas my birthday on July 15, just so thou shalt know! However, others shall, I assume, view my comment, thus gaining knowledge of my day of birth.

Aunt Nancy
7/28/2013 09:46:39 am

Congratulations Robert! Great Job!


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