I am planning on having a contest on my blog again - but this is not it.  Instead, I entered a contest.

By Midnight, June 1 6 (yes, 2013), I have to write an audio drama script less than 30 minutes long.  The first place winner will have his/her script made into an audio drama by the directors of Jonathan Park.  That would be amazing - if I could win first place.

Still, this isn't just about winning the contest.  I have recently been interested in script writing (audio drama script writing, in particular), so this was a good opportunity.

I have the first act of my script planned out - from there, though, I still need to do major work.  I've been researching the web a LOT, but I haven't found any physical evidence that God created the world in 6 24 hour spans (the seventh, of course, being God resting).  If you know of any good facts, I would greatly appreciate a comment.

This contest, hosted by CreationWorks,  has only 25 slots, so if you want to compete head on over there immediately!  As a note, it's only open to homeschoolers between the ages 12 to 18.  Pretty limited audience, but one I fit into perfectly.

While I'm on the topic of audio dramas, I've been listening to a great many of them.  Adventures in Odyssey, Down Gilead Lane, and on.  A new radio drama series that just came out (and is excellent quality for a starting series), is the Brinkman Adventures.  Based on true events, and a Christian message in each episode, it's hardly someting you can turn down.  The website is brinkmanadventures.com.

~The WordWeaver
Trista Vaporblade
5/23/2013 09:34:56 am

Neat! =)

5/23/2013 09:39:49 am

Sounds cool! But, me and some friends are already making our own audio drama. :)

The WordWeaver
5/24/2013 03:40:53 am

Really? That's awesome! You could post a little snippet on your blog... *hint hint*... hehe. :P

General J.S.
5/25/2013 10:11:58 am

I joined it! We will now see who has the best script! -- he, he.


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