A man once said that you must write million words to attain the quality of work that could be published.  That man was Isaac (somebody or other, I forget his surname), and to some extent he's wrong.  And to some extent, he's right.

He did not mean one millions words figuratively, else what would the point in saying it be?

Isaac (whoever), may have been right in his time, but not now.  The introduction of Ebooks would forever change his statement.

The reason?

It used to be so, so much harder than it is now to make a book - and when it takes that much work, it's got to be worth it.

Ebooks has virtually no work in it (except for formatting, which is irrelevant here).

And so, you see, he's wrong - partly.

The reason he's right - partly - is because if you publish something, it shouldn't be good, it shouldn't be okay, average, par, or standard, it should be exceptional.  And writing million words - not to just write them, but to write them from your heart - will make you  and extraordinary writer.

And it's possible to write 1 million words.

If you write 1,000 words per day (7 days a week), for 1,000 days, which is just barely 4 years, you'll have written 1 million words.

I'll try to do this, seriously, I'll try, starting today, February 9th, 2013.  And sometime in my life I will do this... but, I do not expect to write 1 million words.  If I write 500,000, I'll be just as happy. :D

(By the way, since the middle of the summer, when I started seriously writing, I have written over 130,000 words, :D)

So yes, that's why I'm going to be busy...

An over ambitious WordWeaver, writing out.