One year ago on this very day, May 29th 2012, I started my blog.
I have 11 pages of posts.
And, actually, my website was started May 25th 2012, my blog (here) was one year ago today.

(blink blink)
I have so many memories - memories of typing up my first post - memories of first starting my blog - memories of clambering ideas to form my first blog post.
Granted, most of my older posts hardly made sense.  But still, they count for something, no?

I was sitting on an old tracker, mowing around a spot of garden in my backyard, the sun was fading behind the trees, the creek was just to my left, followed by the church...
Memories bring back a lot of emotions.  Some are good, some are bad.  I always feel nostalgia, though.  It's kinda funny.

And, as celebration of one year, I'm having another contest.  This one, however, will have a reward.  Tomorrow morning... I shall be announcing something awesome.  You can count on it.

~The WordWeaver