Okay, I'm going to post something I've been wanting to post for a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, (okay, maybe not quite that long) time.

Humor is funny, no, really.  Why is it funny?  Well, my explanation, is that it is a little bit tricky.  What I'm talking about is humor in writing, not just joking around the table.  No, that humor comes freely and easily.... because that's what comes automatically.  Some people say I'm funny, but that isn't incorporated into my writing as much as I want it to be.

So, what exactly makes humor in talking different than in writing?  You might have your own ways of answering this, but the main problem for me is, frankly, I don't know what to put in.  And for me it doesn't come as easily as it does when I'm just talking.  If I write a story based around humorous happenings, it may be funny, but I can't just put it in my everyday writing, I need to really, really think about it.

First, I need to have a set up for the punch line.  Why is it funny anyway?  Often times everything needs to lead up exactly.  In The Traitor's Tale, I've noticed several things that if I had just changed slightly, would have been hilarious.   Now I'm finding those things and making them funnier.

The most recent thing is when ***SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER*** did ***SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER*** as you can see, it's not funny but if I changed it to          *** SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER*** then it would be hilarious.... don't you get it???

I keep meaning to post more, but I never get around to it.  Still, not posting for two days is alright, but I've been meaning to post everyday.

So, I've been writing some, but my sequel to my first novel is being forced, so I have decided to drop that project, for now, I'll come back to it later.  Right now, I'm working on outlining a novel I might publish  (might not if I don't think it turns out good enough).  And I've also been working on a bunch of short stories to improve my skills on making my characters (who are completely fictional, but don't tell them that because they'll say they were based off my brothers) more realistic and making them almost "human" because I think that's what I need most, other than possibly changing my whole writing style, which will only come slowly.  I like to make plots, but making the characters human is the one main thing that I notice I can't do very good.  So, that's what I've been up to.  The one word that occupies my life right now (other than school) is:  WRITING.


The Kid Author
Today I've been doing more grammar on my book.  And I've come to a frightening encounter.


Meet your new arch nemesis:
That's right, comma splices.  They are so hard to detect, it's like looking for a crayfish in a school of sharks.  Yeah, that hard, maybe not that dangerous though.  Anyway!  I just wanted to tell you to be ware of comma splices in your own writings!  Look out!

Näkemiin!  (That means Goodbye! in Finnish) 

The Kid Tekijä.(That means The Kid Author in Finnish)
Well, I said that I had finished The Traitor's Tale.  Let me take back that false statement.  At that time I had fully, expected to be done with The Traitor's Tale.  But, things sort of changed.  My mom wanted to read it, and as always, I had to do a grammar lesson along with that.  So, I am doing massive, excruciatingly hard work on getting the grammar right.  Even my mom said she didn't know some of the things whether they were wrong or right.  For anyone that is from the Underground (a fan website for Wayne Thomas Batson) will know what The Curse of the Spider King is, we used that as a reference to how some things were supposed to be.  Anyway, so I did some of that grammar stuff.  I didn't expect to do that.  I was sort of just wanting that to be a novel I have forever as my first novel that I wrote when I was eleven.  I was determined to get it done before my twelfth birthday and I managed it by two days.  But, it turns out I may draft it again, making it the fifth draft.  And, if I draft it again (which is likely) I will almost certainly draft it again after that.

So basically what I'm saying, is that most likely you will be able to read The Traitor's Tale, I can't make any promises though.

In other news, I plan to do NaNoWriMo, for those of you who do not know what NaNoWriMo is, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month.  You write a 50,000 word novel in one short month, that short month is November.  I plan to do it this year.  So, along with other writings, I will be putting up excerpts from my novels.  I can't tell you how many are bouncing around in my head right now though.

My NaNo novel will most likely be self-published at least I am going to strive to do it with all my creativeness and strength (which creativeness I would say out ways my strength).  Anyway, I let you all know what I'm going to be doing in the month of November, and most likely why you won't see me to much.

näkemiin!  (That means Goodbye! in Finnish) 

The Kid Tekijä.(That means The Kid Author in Finnish)
These are some AMAZING websites, there awesome and besides, eventually I bet you'll get bored of just me, so why don't look at there websites for a bit (uh, not to scare you away or nothing :D)





 http://www.heedtheprophecies.com/theunderground/ (an awesome website for Wayne Thomas Batson, a christian author.)


Hope you enjoy, I just thought I'd post these websites. 
If you just can't think up anything that really interests you when your writing, re-read some of your favorite books, not to cheat and use their authors ideas, but to learn what made them excite and fascinate you.  Maybe you've been reading to many boring books and that slowly has crept into your writing.  Whatever you read will influence you though, even if you don't really notice it until long after.  And I admit I am influenced by good books . . .  And at times boring ones.  Now, reading isn't as good as writing, but you need to read to learn what to write.  Did you understand that?  I hopes so.  Anyway, reading can be fun, however I found if I just read, just plain old read, I wouldn't learn to much from it, I might learn some (I would be influenced for certain) yet unless I really focus on what I'm reading, how the author made his writing stand out and how I could use it, unless I really concentrated on that, I wouldn't learn a whole lot.  I admit, I would learn some, and probably more than I know, I've read many, many books, and I realized something a little bit ago.  Although I have already written a novel, I have only seriously been writing since last spring.  That sort of blew my mind away, because if I look back at my old writings, I think.  WHAT!!!  This was MY writing?!?!   Not to be bragging, but I have seen that I have gotten WAY better at writing, I'm not claiming to be an expert unfortunately.

Anyway, my point is, that I'm sure you have increased you writing abilities far more than you know.  Another point I was trying to make was that although I read lots of books, if I didn't focus and study them, I never learned as much as I could have.  I read them for fun, not to learn.  Still, even reading for fun is good, writing for fun is better.
I don't know how many people know this, but on September 1 or 2, close to that anyway, there was a blue moon.  I didn't know it, but one time I looked out the window and it was red.  After a while I found out that at a certain time in the night, the moon looked blue, I didn't see it, I only saw it when it was red.  Anyway, supposedly the next time there is a blue moon will be in 2015.  Anyway, that gives reason for there to be the cliche "Once in a blue moon."
I know it's going to be hard with school taking up lots of my time, but these are my ambitions until I get off of school, then I'll once more I jump into writing like a man who knows he'll die if he doesn't jump off a cliff (and likely he will die jumping off the cliff.)

Number 1, and the most important.  I will try to write, and finish my second novel, I don't know what I'm going to call it, so I won't talk about it for an over extended period time, thus loosing your interest in all of my writings, books, and other combinations of words.

Number 2, fully finish my poem book.  A collection of poems I am writing, it may only get to ten or so poems, but still.

Number 3, this is also tied with Number 2, but for some unknown reason I put the poems at Number 2.  Number 3 is, writing and possibly finishing Andolasia 2.  I won't call it that, but that's what I code named it for now.  Andolasia 2 will hopefully be up to my standards that I could not accomplish in the hundreds of millions or The Traitor's Tale's drafts.

Number 4, and most likely not achievable, will be to write a bunch of short stories, I am wishing that I will be able to make it at least twenty stories long (not tall :))

And this is what will definitely happen this month.  I will release (the long awaited by nobody) short story I call, Second Chance.  I don't know if you have heard me write about it, but I have been wanting to let it loose since the middle of summer, at least.

Oh, and to make this even longer, I also want to get what I call my E-Log, and my E-Journal going before November.