What is "Writer's Block"?

What is it that haunts writers, young and old alike?

For some, it's just plain laziness, which in truth would be procrastination (which, if you hear me through, you will find is actually harder to vanquish that Writer's Block.)

But laziness isn't what we label "Writer's Block".  In fact, it's much easier to overcome your Writer's Block than it is to overcome your unwillingness to write (which is what we call procrastination).

In fact, there is little difference between Writer's Block and Procrastination, when you come down to it.  They both have the same cure - and while it won't do the Block and its Sidekick in forever, it will work ever time you confront Writer's Block or Procrastination.

What is it?  Well, I guess it's time to reveal the secret (that isn't so secret).

Planning.  Outlining.  Plotting.  Whatever you want to call it - do it.  It's the only cure that will get you out of a hole quickly and without a lot of time wasted (heh, not to say this is an EASY way.  There's no easy shortcut to anything in writing, really).

The other methods of defeating "Writer's Block" and Procrastination is to "just write", to "sit down and just write".  I find this inadequate for me (not to say it's bad if you do it this way, but I see it as extra work).

The truth of it is, when you force yourself to write, the work will be forced, and will clearly show itself to be forced.  I cannot read that kind of writing, it just makes me go insane (which is why I write slowly on the first draft, though you'll see my moments when I write like a mad man - and virtually burn my keyboard ;)

Writer's Block isn't EASY to overcome, but if you feel intimidated by the saying "just write" (that I'm sure you've heard at least once before if you read other things related to this subject) then this way is, I believe, simpler.

Remember, Writer's Block is only what you crank it up to be.  If you know what to write, you can write it any time with or without "Writer's Block".

Okay, so maybe you don't think you're very good at outlining.  Well, you'll want to see my next post if you are in that mind set.

~Robert WordWeaver
As I said in my last post, 2,000 words is the approximate maximum for your entry.  But, if you don't want to write that much, or near that much, it's perfectly fine.  You could enter a poem, or a song, just so long as it's original. :)

And I forgot to add, if you're going to participate in the contest, please email me here:  scoutofdunnwood@gmail.com

And now we get onto other things.  Which includes guess what... writing!  That... that wasn't a surprise?  Oh well.

Yesterday, June 18th 2013 I did something... :O  Okay, forget the dramatization.  I finally got back to writing the Book of Red Binding.  Taras' tale was on the verge of getting out of the initial rut in writing a novel, when I stopped.  Probably about 2 months were spent staying away from the tale, because to be honest, I didn't like Taras.

For one, he was a stuck up bullheaded brat (and because he's my character, he can't do anything about me revealing the truth about him in public... though he wouldn't really care).

And for a second reason, during the beginning, I wanted to set in a concrete foundation what he looks like from everyone else's perspective - a stuck up bullheaded brat.

But now that I'm finally out of that initial stage, I can delve into who Taras really is.  He has his weaknesses, his strengths.  But more than that, he's not perfect and do you know what not perfect spells?  Human.

There is no human (besides Jesus Christ) who is perfect.  And that, of course, must be carried into a fictional world if it's to be realistic.

And I see I just led myself down a rabbit hole.  Back on topic.

Taras is not perfect, but in truth - inside his very heart, he's not a stuck up bullheaded brat.  That's just a covering, a mask.  The people around him believe that's what he is, and if the reader knows at least some of that, it's not only interesting, but it's realistic to find that he isn't all what he makes himself up to be.

Well, that's where I'm at in the Book of Red Binding.  I'm finally showing who Taras really is - not the mask he wears, but who he is in his heart.

~The WordWeaver
It's a give away day, because The Traitors Tale is having a give away.

One signed print copy of The Traitors Tale will be given to the Grand Prize winner.

But that's not all.  The Second place winner (or, if the first place winner cannot or wishes not to reveal his/her address) will receive a copy of The Traitors Tale in any digital format.  (Think of these words as in the voice of a flashy salesman, 'kay?)
(Forgive the Click to Look Inside, hehe)

Buuut, now we come to how you become the Grand Prize winner.

Your Mission:  Write a short story of varying length but below 2,000 words (a few hundred words more is acceptable).  It can be just about anything, any genre, any style, First, Third, or even Second person point of view.  (Though I suggest third or first, because second is a very odd way to write.)

Send it in to me through this email by July 10th, 11:59, EST.  scoutofdunnwood[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

The winner will be announced July 11th.

As a side note, I am not a schemer, plotter, or cunning evil tyrant who's trying to lighten your purse or wallet - as could be found within the pages of The Traitors Tale, although, I should think you'd find something far worse than cutpurses.

And as a SERIOUS side note, shipping and handling will be paid for the print copy as well.

Remember, a free signed copy of The Traitors Tale will be delivered to the Grand Prize winner's mailbox (literally!) - all expenses paid.  That's about 12 U.S. Dollars. :O

And if you don't get first or second place, you still get a prize.  This wonderful post by me!  (I am so sorry... so anticlimactic... probably lost all my readers with that...)

Write Happily, The WordWeaver.

Disclaimer:  Damage in shipping is not the fault of the WordWeaver or his associates - please do not sue.