So I have drafted my novella (a shortened version of a novel) for a second time.  I aim to draft it mainly one more time, but i'll have lots more drafts that aren't including the whole story.  So any weak places I have will be made stronger and more descriptive.  I've code named my book TTT, and yes it does have something to do with the plot.  At the moment TTT is 112 pages! wow! for me that's a lot.
I have been thinking lately about plots.  What is a plot?  How do you make a plot "Strong"?  Well the answers that I did come up with were pretty simple actually.  A plot is the story, but that's just a boring way to say it  . . .  a plot to me is something "bigger than what's written on the page."  A plot is a work that gives the reader a huge interest, after all what would a plot be like if it was entirely two people talking to each other, or never ending wars, that would be a very predictable story.  The "bigger than what's on the page" idea is that it gives the reader an interest in what's going to happen next, and it really makes the story interesting; whereas, constant battles is very predictable.  Charles Dickens is a very famous author, although some people don't like his works, why?  Because the plots are so complicated.  Each character has a role in the story, which sometimes makes it confusing, but to me it makes  it better.  And having twists is good too.  However there needs to be a reason for the twist.  The whole plot needs to be understandable and make sense.