As you know, I am a Christian-Fantasy writer.  I love to read other Christian-Fantasy work.  But I've been realizing that there are many, many cliches with Christian writing - whether it's fantasy or not.  So I've created a list that you may be interested in.

1.  A common cliche sentence is:  "My parents had both been Christians, but I'd never really cared."  This is often followed up with the character thinking whether or not he/she should have cared about it.  And not only is it a sentence that's cliche - the whole idea is cliche.  Sure, it happens - a lot.  But it's getting old.  You can have the same element, yes, but mix it up a little.  Maybe his/her parents did something to make him/her dislike (or just not care about) Christianity.

2.  LPI, or Last Paragraph (Page) Impact.  LPI is basically having the moral summed up in one last paragraph or page.  To many times I've done it.  To many times others have too.  Don't feel bad if you did it, because it's pretty common (from the Christian Short Stories I've read, at least).  But you DO have to do something about it.  For a non-christian reader, it leaves a sour taste in their mouth - and for any other kind of reader, be he/she Christian or not Christian, it will delude the meaning.  How so?  First, it's used a lot, making it dull.  And second, it seems sudden and often an overreaction.  More often than not, it's a slow process in becoming a Christian and believing in God.  Even if the character doesn't become a Christian and just realizes that there might be one true God, it's overused, rendering it a no-no.

Okay.  2 might not be a list.  But it's something.  Now let me just ramble for a little bit about Christian Fantasy.

Jesus' parables can be very useful when writing Christian Fantasy.  We know that the parables didn't actually happen, and were more of just a story to tell the point in a way the people would understand, so using some of the same elements in our stories can be a good way to teach and to entertain.  I am currently writing a series of short stories about God's characteristics (except, for some reason, I lost my touch and need to find it again...), but there are only so many traits to be written about, so I think I shall write a few adaptions type-things of parables as well.  I was thinking the wise man who built his house on the rock and the foolish man who built his house on the sand.

Alright, now that I'm done rambling, I'll ask a question.  What do YOU think about Christian Fantasy?  What's important?  And  also, what cliches have you noticed in Christian Fantasy?

~The WordWeaver
Hm.  It seems as if I have abandoned you.  My, my, I'm bad blogger, aren't I?  And with all the excitement going around in my little world... well, I had many, many things I could have posted on.  Nonetheless, I PROMISE to keep this post short.  (Seeing as I'm not very good at that, I'll probably be editing some parts out... like this very sentence.  Don't you think it could be deleted?)

First, a 'tag' (which is a number of questions that is passed around from blog to blog, if  you didn't know.)

This tag is ten random questions I select myself.  (Note)I was tagged by Leilani Sunblade.

1.  The main novel I am writing now (W-I-P name The Book of Red Binding) is 14,222 words long.
2.  I have sort of not published a novel.  I self-published The Traitors Tale April 20th (yeah... forgot 'bout telling you...), but I shan't be at rest until I publish something that's up to my standards.  (I published this more for the five free books NaNoWriMo offered... but I had to publish it anyway.)  So yeah, I sort of haven't did publish.
3.  I do not like pink sandals.
4.  I do not like Writer's Block.
5.  I like the Writer's Prayer (something I'll put in a future post.  There may be other Writer's Prayers, but this is my own, completely original one.  I already have it memorized).
6.  I very muchly enjoy poetical poetry-ness.  (Ain't much good at it meself, though...)
7.  I will be redesigning my blog soon.  Probably within the next week the changes will be significant.
8.  I am busy.
9.  I like British hats.
10.  Brian Jacques is an awesome writer.  (That's not a fact about me?  Oh, well then I THINK Brian Jacques is an awesome writer.)

Alright, in summary of what I've been doing while not blogging, I'll just say I've been writing loads, getting self-published, and being generally busy.

Serious note:

Both the Boston Marathon Bombing and West Texas disaster thing are terrible events.  Remember to keep the families of those lost in your prayers and also for those that were injured.

~The WordWeaver