I haven't posted anything really about Christmas or the New Year.  So I'll quickly fill you in before getting on with post.

Christmas was very good, exponentially exhilarating.  Yeah.

New Years Eve night I didn't sleep.  Not at least until the first morning of 2013 - if you get my logic.

Anyway, onto writing.

I've had a mix of Writer's Block (or Writer's Flu as I call it) and Procrastination.  Therefore, whenever I finally began to kill the Writer's Flu the cruel little goblins from the land of Procrastination came hobbling along, chatter-choking themselves off.

So I guess you get the idea.  Whenever Writer's Flu wasn't there to plague me, scrounging in and around me, killing my writing spirit, the minions from the Empire of Procrastination come out to attack me.

Yep - no writing done then.

Thankfully I have an ally, and I think every writer has one too.  And often it may change, then again it could stay the same for a very long time.  Mine was the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.

I was aggravated with myself for not writing in several days.  Not only that, but when I did write I didn't do it before in a long span of time.

So I'll just say this one last thing.

The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack is a writer's life saver (or just career saver).

Also, I have several posts on many different things.  I will post them SOON.  If I don't, post a comment, you'll get my attention that way. ;)

1/4/2013 04:10:44 pm

I was excited when I saw you had posted—and that's an understatement! Good to hear from you again :)
First off: Do you mind me constantly commenting? I can stop if you'd like :-)
Second off: Happy Late New Years! *throws marshmallows everywhere*
Third off: I am so so so sorry about the Writer's Flu. Looks like LOTR doctored you pretty good! And... did you end up writing? I hope so. It's no fun to be sick with that terrible flu. I catch it every week or so. You'd think I'd become immune to it by now...
;) Unfortunately, I haven't.

Looking forward to those posts!

Miss you.

~ Moira ~

The WordWeaver
1/7/2013 09:34:09 pm

Haha! :)
Good to hear from you as well.
Nay! It's good, I like comments. :D
LOL, happy New Years *shoots marshmallow gun over site*
Yup, I actually did write. A little bit. I finally figured it out though... I am just totally uninspired to write. The occasion page or two does come, yet- *interrupts self* but that's for the next post!
And no, it isn't fun to be sick - in the writing form or in real life form. Ouch, that's quite a lot of times. I usually get it once a month.

~The WordWeaver~

The Moira Girl
1/8/2013 01:26:54 pm

OK! Just wonderin' ;)
*deflects marshmallows with gigantic marshmallow deflector* Heehee! :D Marshmallows always remind me of Charis, you, and the UG. ;)
That's great! Good luck writing more. Whatever you write—I'm sure it'll be great! Oh, and you'd better post. I'm seriously considering sabotaging your website if you don't. It involves—can you guess?—MARSHMALLOWS!!!
So yeah. Watch out. :P

~ Moira ~

Yes, I'm the Author of this blog
1/11/2013 01:44:25 pm

:D Some with me. I don't think I'll ever be the same again... not if I remember the UG (which I will) :P

Thanks, I hope it's good.

And... DON'T I just did post *prepares to deflect marshmallows*

~The WordWeaver~

1/11/2013 03:28:14 pm

I know. I sometimes wonder if there will ever be a day that passes without me thinking, "I wonder what Charis is doing... Ellron is doing... Ryebrynn is doing... CN is doing...". Fortunately, I have your, Rye, and CN's blogs to (more or less) keep up on their lives. But Charis and Ellron... *wails*
Yeah. I'm a little downhearted on that one. I miss everyone...

Aww.... RATS! I'm still gonna throw marshmallows. *rips open bag* I will comment on the new post—soon :) I promise. I've read it all, but now the terrors of Biology are about to torture me. Ack! :-)


1/5/2013 12:10:27 pm

Why have not (haven't) you posted for 13 days?!

I have been checking your blog every so often, and I checked it

yesterday at around 8:00 P.M., and saw that you had finally posted

this! I was at F.U.T.S.A.L. (indoor soccer) when I checked it, not

that it matters much, though.

What did were you given for CHRISTmas? I received a binocular, a

tarp (I had been wanting one for my emergency pack), a model SBD

Dauntless, which I am in the act of putting together this week...I

also was given a flashlight/alarm-clock/calendar and a "Pretty Good

Joke Book". Whew!

Here is are two of the jokes:

What is 666?
That's the number of the beast.
And 668?
The next-door neighbor of the beast.
What's 666-point-00000?
That's the high-precision beast. And zero-point-666 is
the Millibeast.
And 1-900-666-6666 is where you can call and talk to a
beast, live, one-on-one.
And $665.95 is the retail price of the beast.
$699.25 with 5 percent sales tax.
$$769.95 with all accessories.

A new pastor was out visiting his parishioners one Saturday
afternoon. All went well until he came to one house.
Although it was obvious someone was home, no one came to the door, even after he had knocked several times.
Finally, he pulled out his card, wrote "Revelation 3:20" on the back, and stuck it in the door.
The next day as he was counting the offering he found his card in the collection plate. Below his message was the
notation "Genesis 3:10."
Revelation 3:20 reads: "Behold I stand at the door, and
knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will
come in to him, and will dine with him, and he with me."
Genesis 3:10 reads: "And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked."

I think those two are very funny.

Try using a butter knife againt those goblins; use the blunt side, and

whack them hard on the head!

I really like the Lord of The Rings music, Pirates of The Carribean

music, and The Chronicles of Narnia music...any movie


BY THE WAY..........post...my...COMMENT!!!

Anyway, about F.W.; I have only physically written a few sentences,

but, meanwhile, I am doing other things, including looking up

historical happenings to help me with F.W.

It is going well, though.

General J.S.

The WordWeaver
1/7/2013 09:37:01 pm

I got... a video game, two books on writing, candy (can't write without candy :P)... among other things. It's midnight so I won't go into detail.

Awesome jokes!

And yes, soundtracks are REALLY cool.

Sorry, I forget what F.W. is.

I hope your research goes well!

~The WordWeaver~

1/8/2013 07:20:52 pm

F.W. is the code name for my novel I started on January first.

By the way, WordWeaver, are you Robert?

If not, I'm COMPLETELY fine with you commenting on my

comments anyway.

I'm glad you liked the jokes.

Thank you.

Yes, I am who you think I am. The WordWeaver is my alias. :P
1/11/2013 01:40:13 pm

Ah, I see.



1/11/2013 06:58:58 pm

Oh...never mind, then.


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