I keep meaning to post more, but I never get around to it.  Still, not posting for two days is alright, but I've been meaning to post everyday.

So, I've been writing some, but my sequel to my first novel is being forced, so I have decided to drop that project, for now, I'll come back to it later.  Right now, I'm working on outlining a novel I might publish  (might not if I don't think it turns out good enough).  And I've also been working on a bunch of short stories to improve my skills on making my characters (who are completely fictional, but don't tell them that because they'll say they were based off my brothers) more realistic and making them almost "human" because I think that's what I need most, other than possibly changing my whole writing style, which will only come slowly.  I like to make plots, but making the characters human is the one main thing that I notice I can't do very good.  So, that's what I've been up to.  The one word that occupies my life right now (other than school) is:  WRITING.


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